Saturday, January 16, 2010

Back for a Bit

Due to unsafe working conditions I will be returning to Calgary for a few days and then heading back out with another company right away.

The last 2 weeksish has been pretty tough. It was damn cold when I got here...about minus 40 degrees Celcious, but has warmed up to -10. CrossFit has definitely prepared me for lots of shit. The feats of strength I have displayed in the last little while has had the guys asking me what it is I do at my gym. Although CrossFit is pretty good at preparing someone for the unknown and unknowable, I am still pretty beat up from going hard 12 hours a day. There is something that can be said for swinging a hammer, pulling a wrench and lifting heavy shit all day in regards to contributing to GPP.

I am going to a bigger rig, slower pace, safer and less frustrating. This industry is pretty dangerous as it is...I don't need to work on a rig that is prone for disaster. It will also alot me some more time off. The gym is getting busy!


  1. Sean - when you say "rig" what are you referring too? What are you doing in your new job that requires all of this physical labor and demand?

    Good to see you back....

  2. Tom,

    Sean is working...not working out. Sean, you are working you ass off building actual real world strength. As more and more us live very comfortable lives, we need the "gym" to do physical labor. You currently do not, actually working is a great way of training. Keep it up and stay safe. If you have an address drop it to me on e-mail. Cheers,


  3. Pat,

    Right, I see that he is working and not referring to working out. I am just wondering what kind of work it is? What's his job that he's doing that's so physically demanding. I'm intrigued. :)

    Do you know?

  4. Tommy I work as a Roughneck on a Drilling rig. We drill for gas mainly in Canada and mine for oil in the oil sands (most of the oil is drilled up). This job I was actually drilling only 400m down into the oil sands to see how much is exactly there for future mining. It was a small rig and a fast pace. I like to work on the big rigs that drill 4000m - 5000m wells.