Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Yes, I have been working out

Alright so I have dropped off the blog scene for a while but I have been hitting the wods pretty hard. Today was a killer WOD from the South American regionals:
50 24inch box jump
30 115lb snatch
1000m Row

I had to blow off some steam and although high rep snatchs will hurt my o-lifting career, they make me feel good. This wod was tough, what can Ben Wheeler do it in I wonder??

So I am heading to Nicaragua on Sunday and we hope to hit 3 workouts while we are there for 10 days and then I will be in Ontario for a week in which I will have my CF Football cert and mobility and recovery certification.

When I get back it will probably be back to the rigs which sucks because the gym is getting busier every day and I am really, REALLY, enjoying coaching sometimes 5 hours of class/personal training a day. I can say I am not enjoying though, the countless hours of accounting, book keeping, and other admin bullshit that goes with a business.

Things will be moving quick this summer, we expect to be in a new space for mid July now. Exciting and scary at the same time. I will keep you all posted!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Back to Wendler: 4th Cycle


The high rep back squats are challenging, fun and seem to be working. I am lifting more every session...so progress is positive. I saw rip do 315 for 15 on a video....I would like to do that some day. I will mark it down with some other long term goals such as 15 BW OHS and 300lbs overhead.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A successful Meet

I had a blast yesterday. First of all, I am never cutting weight again. I didn't eat for 18 hours and didn't drink anything the day of to make weight. That was my last competition in the 85kg weight class. I started the morning coaching Dani. She kicked ass. Snatch - 40, 45, 48 - PR. C&J - 53, 57, 60 - PR. Videos below. Coaching was lots of fun!

Then I was up. I was feeling good in the warm-up opened with 75kg. It went up terrible, partly b/c I was a little nervous. 80kg went up a lot better on my 2nd attempt. Finally, I went for a big PR of 85kg and hit it! I damn near power snatched it which means I am capable of much more. The C&J I opened at 100kg and hit it pretty easy and followed with 105 which I thought I pressed out but got three white lights. Finally, I went for a PR of 110, cleaned it but missed the jerk behind me. It was close, I tried to save it when I realized what I did but it wrenched the shit out of my back. Overall, it was a great meet and I had lots of fun. Many people helped me out huge! I know Dani and I are capable of putting up some serious weight soon and I look forward to it!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blog Neglect

Ok.....I have actually been working out this time and just not posting. Nothing crazy, I started another session of Wendler after I finished the last one. I am on round 3. I am really focused on Olympic Lifting, I compete one week today. Thinking of opening at 75 and 102.5 and working to 85 and 110, which would be PR's. We will see. Dani is also competing and will crush it.

This weekend I am doing my NCCP Level 1 for O-lifting. It is going well, I am picking up some good pointers from high end lifters and a coach who has been doing it for 45 years. We got another new trainer. He name is Erin and she is also from CFC. Between her and Kris we will have the gym covered off for the three weeks we are gone in May.

This upcoming week I am supposed to rest and just work technique before the comp. I did a day of Wendler Friday in which I squatted 255lbs for 15. I am still sore but I should be fine for the comp. Why is it that they have lifters lay off so much the week before a comp? I might hit a metcon next week and some light O-lifts. Today at the cert I didnt go over 40kg for the Snatch or C&J.

It's going to be hard to go a week being in the gym and not lifting anything heavy!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Snatch and Wender

Snatch - light singles
- Had my dad and his friend Clive over who have both O-lifters. They gave me some good pointers.
Back Squat
125x7 - stronger than last week
- not happy with my press. could be all the paralette HSPU I have been doing
- Im going to try and eat more food and stick to a low carb deal and see how things go over the next week or two.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Low Carb

Split Jerk
warmed up to heavy singles
90,95,100,105,107.5- miss x 3
- I was surprised I missed at that weight. I have been pondering why shit has been feeling so heavy the last little while and I think it is because I have been unintentially eating a very low car diet. I am going to start recording what I am eating, I think I am not only eating very low carb but not enough food.
5 rounds
5 Squat Cleans 155lbs
5 Muscle Ups
- I hit this wod back in sept. and I had a 3 minute improvement. It still beat the shit out of me. Mostly the MU's, I hit 3 our of the 5 rounds Unbroken on the sq. cleans.
-Gymnastics is something I shouldn't have an excuse to suck at being in a gym so much. I have been putting effort into working on them here and there.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Light Snatch

Started with an extensive DROM warm-up - and snatch balance, OHS with PVC
40kg - OHS snatch Balance
75x1 - sloppy
- didn't feel strong at all today. Something felt off. I have been working with a narrower grip on my OHS but cannot get under the bar as fast with that grip on my snatch and thus widen it for the snatch. I find it easier to lift heavy OHS with a narrow grip but harder to snatch.....