Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blog Neglect

Ok.....I have actually been working out this time and just not posting. Nothing crazy, I started another session of Wendler after I finished the last one. I am on round 3. I am really focused on Olympic Lifting, I compete one week today. Thinking of opening at 75 and 102.5 and working to 85 and 110, which would be PR's. We will see. Dani is also competing and will crush it.

This weekend I am doing my NCCP Level 1 for O-lifting. It is going well, I am picking up some good pointers from high end lifters and a coach who has been doing it for 45 years. We got another new trainer. He name is Erin and she is also from CFC. Between her and Kris we will have the gym covered off for the three weeks we are gone in May.

This upcoming week I am supposed to rest and just work technique before the comp. I did a day of Wendler Friday in which I squatted 255lbs for 15. I am still sore but I should be fine for the comp. Why is it that they have lifters lay off so much the week before a comp? I might hit a metcon next week and some light O-lifts. Today at the cert I didnt go over 40kg for the Snatch or C&J.

It's going to be hard to go a week being in the gym and not lifting anything heavy!

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  1. Good luck this weekend. Good to see you getting on the platform.