Sunday, April 25, 2010

A successful Meet

I had a blast yesterday. First of all, I am never cutting weight again. I didn't eat for 18 hours and didn't drink anything the day of to make weight. That was my last competition in the 85kg weight class. I started the morning coaching Dani. She kicked ass. Snatch - 40, 45, 48 - PR. C&J - 53, 57, 60 - PR. Videos below. Coaching was lots of fun!

Then I was up. I was feeling good in the warm-up opened with 75kg. It went up terrible, partly b/c I was a little nervous. 80kg went up a lot better on my 2nd attempt. Finally, I went for a big PR of 85kg and hit it! I damn near power snatched it which means I am capable of much more. The C&J I opened at 100kg and hit it pretty easy and followed with 105 which I thought I pressed out but got three white lights. Finally, I went for a PR of 110, cleaned it but missed the jerk behind me. It was close, I tried to save it when I realized what I did but it wrenched the shit out of my back. Overall, it was a great meet and I had lots of fun. Many people helped me out huge! I know Dani and I are capable of putting up some serious weight soon and I look forward to it!


  1. Really great stuff from you and Dani, Sean! Grea work!

  2. Awesome! Congrats on the Body Weight Snatch. That is awesome. the 110 jerk look so close, too. Congrats to Dani too. I also noted the very classy way you both lowered the weights. That showed you know what you are doing on the platform. When will the CrossFit Cowtown singlets be available? Cheers,