Thursday, April 1, 2010

Low Carb

Split Jerk
warmed up to heavy singles
90,95,100,105,107.5- miss x 3
- I was surprised I missed at that weight. I have been pondering why shit has been feeling so heavy the last little while and I think it is because I have been unintentially eating a very low car diet. I am going to start recording what I am eating, I think I am not only eating very low carb but not enough food.
5 rounds
5 Squat Cleans 155lbs
5 Muscle Ups
- I hit this wod back in sept. and I had a 3 minute improvement. It still beat the shit out of me. Mostly the MU's, I hit 3 our of the 5 rounds Unbroken on the sq. cleans.
-Gymnastics is something I shouldn't have an excuse to suck at being in a gym so much. I have been putting effort into working on them here and there.


  1. I'd be curious to talk with you more about this Sean. I've been tinkering with my diet and carb cycling and am now wanting to get very precise with it for a short while to monitor impact. I plan to track it and even whip out the scale to weigh and measure some portions.

    Additionally, I want to do more carb cycling to see what impact that has as well. Let's keep in touch to share notes?


    Thanks for the props on the DL's and METCON. The METCON I did was fun and kinda sneaky hard. You'll enjoy it. Give it a while and post how you do.

  2. The low-carb might be a problem, but I would bet more money on not eating enough. For days you do met-cons, through in some fruit and/or starchy carbs PWO with some protein. For days your lifting just toss back some protein/fat. Coconut milk is a great way to toss back some good fats quickly.

    For a refresher on Low-carb diets and Crossfit activities, here is an older post by Mat Lalonde on Robb's blog.