Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 GOALS

1) Snatch 92kg
2) C&J 112kg
3) BW Press
1) Sub 4 Fran
2) 200KB snatches in 10 minutes 1.5pood
3) 1 mile Sandbag Carry 1/2 BW
1) 10 Strict HSPU
2) 1 Minute L Sit
3) 25 Dead Hand Pull-ups

I believe these are attainable goals this year. My gymnastics skills will simply come down to me practising those skills. I have wanted the 200KB snatchs for a while and should have attempted it while training a while back for the TSC. I know how to train for that and will get it done this year. A sub 4 Fran will come as I get stronger and the Sandbag carry is also something I have wanted to do but now I have this list to keep me accountable this year.

My O-Lift goals are reasonable, I hope to have to set new goals in that area sometime this year. Finally, I am going to work my ass off for a BW Press. It has been a neglected weakness of mine for too long!


  1. Those are some very solid goals! I like the diversication across strength, work and gymnastics too. Nicely done.

    Like Pat, you're both going after that SSST KB snatch goal which is a monster but undoubtedly awesome! Hope you both get there.

    You and I have very similar strength goals for 2010 - let's get after it m'man and not only reach them, but edge pass them.

    Good stuff, Sean!

  2. you should up that C&J to 115kg, it puts your 92kg snatch at 80% a good ratio. I got "Building The Gymnastic Body - the science of gymnastic strength training" for Christmas. It has a lot of good skill progressions (although it lacks a good programming/periodization section). I will let you read it when I'm in Calgary for regionals ;) Have you signed up for sectionals yet?