Monday, December 14, 2009

Computer issues/Ranting

I apologies I have not been posting. My laptop is in the shop and Dani's has been out of commission until today. I have been doing some lifts and a lot of reading. I will start posting again after tomorrow's workout. Might to a MetCon and see how I feel. I could be heading back to work soon but not as far away.

It has been nice getting lots of sleep and eating real food. It will be even better when I can make my coaching job full time. Unfortunately due to my job now I probably will not compete in the sectionals. I have a feeling I will be working Jan., Feb., March and part of April with little time off. Not knowing my schedule and not being able to devote time to train is why I have made my decision. There will be lots of time to compete in the future, this sport is not going anywhere.

I know Murph and Ben will be representing in Ontario and BC. Pat, what are your plans? Tommy, do you think you will compete? I would like to see others who do not do CrossFit enter these challenges. I know there are lots of well rounded athletes out there that could do well in these sectionals, that do not CrossFit. Is $25 000 enough to start pulling in serious athletes? I think give it a few more years and the competition will be at another level. Ex proffessional athletes or ex varsity athletes are really going to excel in my opinion.

What does everyone else think? Is the CrossFit Games the unltimate proving ground? How long until it gets some serious athletes and a large purse? Is Mikko the Fittest man in the World?


  1. Sean,

    I am not planning on going to compete. A few reasons, first the qualifiers are out in Colorado again. CF Games seems to think Chicago is in the west, oh well. I am not loading up the kids and driving 1000miles to try and qualify. Next, I really do not have a desire to go.

    CF Games are an event to showcase CF. Is the champion the fittest man on earth, sure because CF defines fitness so, they can use that title. But, is Mikko the most athletic, no, that is the current world champion in the decathalon, Trey Hardee. As far as I am concerned the sport of fitness is a knock off of the sport of athletics (Track and Field). The decathalon is a legitimate event, contested on the world stage, not a barbaque in some guys backyard in the hills of California.

    Finally, to anyone going, I am not trying to piss on your parade. If I were at a different point in my life, I would go and enjoy the experience, try to learn as much as possible and soak it all in.

    Lastly, I hope OPT wins. He takes CF so seriously, truely dedicated to it and treating it as a sport. He is one to how to do well at it, and I would like to see him win, so everyone at CFHQ would realize he is the hier to GG on the next leader of CrossFit.

  2. Sean -

    I am planning on heading down to the sectionals with a handful of members from our box here in Illinois. The Sectional qualifier is in Missouri, so it's not too terribly far at all. In the event I do not succeed, I will be attempting to win a spot on our affiliate cup team. I have never been to the Games and would like to go - but only as a competitor. I am not sure if I would want to go to the games just to be a spectator.

    Pat's response doesn't surprise me at all. With all that we talk about in terms of CF, athletics, Olympic Lifting, etc, his not wanting to compete is certainly understandable. However, I believe that Pat will enter another WL competition and I'd like to be there to see it. He's a solid athlete for the O-Lifts!

    Last, I have to agree with him about OPT. He said it well here and I think he's dead on when he said how truly dedicated to CF he really is.

  3. Sean,

    I change my blog to: