Monday, March 1, 2010

wendler week3 days 1&2

So this week taking 90% of my 1RM I do 75%x5 85%x3 95%x as many as possible
Back Squat
205 x 5
230 x 3
257 x 7
92 x 5
105 x 3
116 x 4
Press is feeling stronger...I really rushed the sets bc I had a class coming in. The gym is getting really busy. We hired a new trainer from CrossFit Calgary, his name is Kris. He is a nice guy and comes from California, has been working with OPT for a year training at CFC and doing other work for OPT.

Tomorrow is another lift/assistance or conditioning and Wed maybe conditioning. Head back to work Wed night for night shift so I will hit the gym maybe Friday, Monday Tues again. Week four is deloading so I might just hit the MetCon's. Not sure. Any input would be great.

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