Sunday, October 18, 2009

Clean and Jerk / Max Fit USA

Clean and Jerk in kg
Work Set
Video shows set 3 with a slight press out. First two were solid and last was shaky in the jerk. I did not catch it locked out overhead and it caused me to be off balance.
Thrusters 75lbs
- all thrusters were unbroken, burpees buried me, I smashed me knee this morning walking in the dark and it was a factor....but good variance at the same time.


  1. Sean -

    That's a really solid looking lift. Your elbows are FAST and really shoot through. What's also impressive is how close you keep that bar to your body and the landing of the bar on your upper chest with a very loose grip. All those things you look great at are what I am working to develop.

    I'm no expert, but I paused this video multiple times and your elbows on the pull look more "back" than they do "up high" - is that intentional?

    I see the little press out at the end on the Jerk but it's very very small. Overall, I'd say that's solid looking technique.

    Nice work!

  2. Sean,

    Do you reset your hands before the jerk? It looks like you are jerking from the rack position (wrist bent back, elbow still high). I reset mine on recovery of the clean, so when I start the jerk, I am set like a press. I do not know which is better, but I would think it is easier to drive the weight with arms (elbows) done more.

  3. I watched some videos of the olympics, and youyr wrist look like those guys, mine do not. Solid lifting....102.5x1x4!

  4. How tight is your upper/mid back? stretch out your traps/lats/etc (especially in between your shoulder blades). Work on some squat therapy against the wall while hooking your thumbs together you should be able to get closer than 6" to the wall. get that upper back used to being tight with an upright back and solid lumbar spine.

    *Can you take the next video a bit further back so I can see your feet and bar at all times.

    If you want to keep lifting heavy every day you can also modify volume for how you feel.