Friday, October 2, 2009

Pat's Programming

It's nice when someone else makes up your workout. Pat and I had a good discussion about training via email. My training is going to be a lot different than his and vis versa just because of our lifestyles. Although, I took a page out of Pat's programming today.
Clean and Jerk 1x4 at a weight I knew I could make
95kg x 1 x 4
3 rounds
20 KB Snatch's 1.5 pood
400M run
Rest 2:30
rd 1 2:07
rd 2 2:12
rd 3 2:17
I like the work rest ratio. It is a page out of OPT's book. I have been meaning to chat with him about this because he does it with his athletes often. He is a busy guy but next time I see him I will inquire about this.

I like the short 1 x 4. I think it may work for me. I also like the max effort days so I will continue those as well. Following anyones programming right now is not going to work for me (performance menu, main page etc.) I am having a hard time being a good employee, coach and athlete. I will focus on being a good employee so I don't lose my job and coach because it is what I love doing. As for being a great athlete, right now I am just going to have fun, pick stuff I want to do and try and focus on stuff I suck at.

1 comment:

  1. I think your splits were faster then I could do. How did the METCON make you feel?

    Also, did you feel like all the C&J were solid and quick? If so, up the weight to 220lbs next time.

    Oh, yeah, for me these are 2 workouts separated by a rest day and a lot of fish oil.