Friday, October 16, 2009

Snatch Coaching required

(82.5 miss) (85kg miss)

Today was frustrating. 80kg went up easy, but I didn't get it on video. I then attempted 85kg and failed. I next moved down to 82.5 but could not stick it. Above are some video's, input from anyone is welcome and appreciated. I have more videos of misses if required.

Post Snatch WOD to kill frustration was:
1000m row
50 thrusters 45lbs
3o Pull-ups


  1. Where did you start your second pull? It looks like the bar is a little too low (was it touching your thighs?) and your torso looks tooo vertical, not leaning forward enough. You got the weight up, and got under it, but lost it forward. So, the bar was either pulled when it was too far forward (ie pulled too early) or you were leaning back too much adn it traveled straight up, but because you were leaning too far back, it was lost forward.

    I think your technique is really, really improving. My points are what I saw, I am interested in what others will say.

    That is a solid Jackie time.

  2. Sean,

    To link the article go to CrossFit Balboa. It was also on OPT's website. What does you Dad have to say about your snatch?

  3. you are jumping backward more and more the heavier it gets. I think you start with your butt too high, as your back is horizontal with the ground on your first pull. with your butt lower you will be able to open your legs more and get more power. Less back and more leg on first pull. No straight leg DLs!