Thursday, October 1, 2009

Late Postings

Clean and Press 1RM 60kg (pathetic...haven't been pressing much)
500m Row 1:24.2
Power Clean 3RM
90kg, 100kg x 2 (should have done 95kg)

2RM Satch
missed 2nd rep of 75kg twice...very frustrating
3RM Front Squat
110kg x 3
115kg x 2 (252lbs..not far off my 1RM)
5 rounds
10 push-ups
10 toe to bar
Toes to bar crushed me....need to work on them...they are harder than knees to elbows in my opinion.

1 comment:

  1. Sean,

    A reps 100kg PC is impressive. That is a strong lift.

    Why do the 2rm snatch? What is the goal? Do you think doing olifts for 2 or 3reps is a good ideal? Are you concerned about the loss of speed with the second and third lifts and the effect of that loss of speed has on your overall timing of the lift? Or said another way, does the loss of speed affect neuromuscular coordination such that multiple reps sets are actually harmful to your technique developement?

    I respectfully ask because I do not see a lot of WL sites program 2 or 3 rep sets for Snatch and Clean and jerk. If Mike Murphy, Ben, or even Sean's dad has an opinion on whether or not doing a multiple rep set of the olfits (only olifts) is a good or bad ideal, I would love to hear it.