Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oly WOD and Terrible Met Con

Snatch Balance Heavy Single
- Worked up to 80kg x 1
Split Jerk 70%x3x3
Mid Hang Snatch 60%x3x2 65%x3x2
Muscle Snatch 75%x2x3

WOD 3rds
300m Row
10 Turkish Get ups 30% BW
Scaled from 24kg to 16kg in Secound round. They were taking to long. I am again a believer that TKU should not be in a Met Con. They do not move a large load quickly. They move it a long distance but do not meet the other qualifications of a functional movement used in CrossFit WODs. This whole WOD was taken from performance menu, maybe they design these for O-Lifters.

1 comment:

  1. I agree about TGU. I am starting to do them more and more in my warm-up and believe they have some value, but they are not a good METCON choice. If for no other reason, you really can not do them fast and you should not do them fast.

    Today I wanted to only go about 200lbs(90%). My main goal was just hit the power position and get my elbows around. I need to do more lifts at about 90%, working technique, but also moving weight I can feel. That is where I think I do best.

    On another note, I think we should continue to see linear progressions in all our training areas for at least a few (2-3yrs). If we are not then we need to look at program? diet? training schedule?