Saturday, August 1, 2009

Snatch PR in the PR House

video video
(75kg PR) 165lbs (77.5kg miss) 170.5lbs

Today I had a great lifting session with my dad.  I hit a PR and found some major errors.  You can see it in the video, I am jumping too wide.  This caused me to miss 77.5kg.  I can easily pull it high enough, I just need to get under it faster and not jump as wide.  Please add more comments if you see anything else.  Thanks.


  1. Hey Sean, remember you said you were jumping back as well and you are. Watch you feet. Dad

  2. You are a stud! Nice work my friend. Stay loose!

  3. You're coming off the ground ass first! Your shoulder and ass should move at the same rate for the first pull, just think legs!!! This all means that you are pulling a lot with your back giving the bar a lot of horizontal (backwards) momentum which you have a hard time stopping. In the video you can see your back is almost flat when the bar is at your knees and then when you catch the snatch you try to adjust by moving backwards to keep your COM under the bar (when you land the bar is still moving backwards and you try to re-adjust and you lose it). I think if you can maintain your back in the beginning I think a lot of problems will disappear.

  4. You should definitely go the Alberta Provincials. I think you would do very well.