Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Barbell Cert

Ok So I have not posted in a while...things have been busy around here with work and the gym.

This past weekend I participated in Mark Rippetoes Barbell Cert. It was fantastic. I learned a truck load. Basically re-learned how to squat, press, deadlift and power clean. Rip is a great coach and he has a really well educated staff. I like his arguments on the importance of strength in life and CrossFit, how O-lifters should be low bar back squating and his teaching progressions. All good stuff, well thought out with sufficient evidence and data.

I would love to expand on this more but I will at another time....

I did a O-lifting workout today after a 11 hour shift that got cut short because some clients came in. Our 6 am class is sold out...I am happy about that.


  1. Sean,

    Im pumped about the 6am bootcamp!

    I know Rip knows his Strength Training better than most but I would like to see his evidence for a olympic weightlifter replacing HBBS with LBBS. The likes of Burgener, Pendlay and Everett completely disagree with this.

    Why train a movement for the purpose of just putting more weight on the bar? You would only be getting stronger in a position you won't every be in while performing the clean and jerk or snatch. I think Rips arguement is that the LBBS will produce great strength in the pulling part of the clean or snatch but that is why Olympic lifting Deadlift, Clean Pull and Snatch. To get better at pulling.

    Here is a great thread where Glen Pendlay, Greg Everett and Aimee Anaya chim in.


  2. Sean,

    Congrats on the 6am class. I am sure the cert was awesome, that is really the only CF cert I ever have a personal interest in attending. I bet it was 2days of pure entertainment.

    Funny about the low bar comments from Ben. I just posted a rather lenghty dialogue on a friend's blog about it and the HBBS. Basically, I just said, pick one based on why you are squatting...if it is to build over all GPP, posterior chain strength or just squat the most weight...LBBS. But, if it is to strengthen your olifts, then HBBS.

    Please post Rip's aurguments when you have time. Here is my current thoughts for Pat, I do LBBS to work my posterior chain and lift the most weight. However, I do this squat rarely, instead I front squat a lot. I prefer to FS then HBBS. Right now, by olifts are hindered my technique not strength. So this approach allows my a more technical lift (FS) with more carry over (to the clean) and but also to work my posterior chain for overall GPP, etc.

    Once again, cheers to you and Dani for the 6am class.