Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fight Gone Bad PR

Today was a lot of fun. We had 13 people do the workout and lots others came out to watch. It was a great turnout and we raised over $1800. I PR'd and didn't know where I was after.

Fight Gone Bad
3 rounds 1 minute each
Wall Ball 20lbs
SDHP 75lbs bar
Box Jump 20 inches
Push Press 75lbs
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
28 20 22
28 19 20
34 25 25
23 15 18
21 15 18
Total: 331
I am happy with this score. My Met Con needs work. I have been working on my O-lifts lots and will continue to do this with more strength work. Met Con is easy to get up. If I really wanted at 350 or greater score I could just do FGB every month...but that would be crazy. Rip has me convinced that I need to get stronger to get better...he makes a valid argument.


  1. Nice job brother! Glad to see such a great turnout!

  2. Nice Job! Sounds like your box got things off well.

    I scored a Wright Rubber Med ball at an increadible price. A local fitness store now carries Wright Equipment. This winter is just back to basics for Pat. Wall balls, double unders, KB snatches and the snatch. Cheers on the good score and good event.