Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Snatch and Clena and Jerk PR's

Today I cam and did heavy singles. I PR'd my Snatch at 77.5kg (171lbs) and missed 80kg. I blame my miss on a nurse he came and interrupted my workout to do a checkup for a life insurance policy I am buying. She took my blood pressure after my Snatch PR and it was still really good, 112/80 I think??

My Clean and Jerk session started when she was done with me and had taken some blood. I lifted 100kg (220lbs) overhead which was a PR for the jerk but I have cleaned 107kg before. On my 105 attempt I missed the clean 3 times...I was not happy. I think I can put it overhead but I will have to work on things more. Not bad for my lack of committment.
Metcon After
3 rounds
15 Pull-ups
10 Box Jump 36 inches

I will address the Barbell Cert comments this weekend...I do need to get some sleep. Thanks to all who read my blog and comment...I wish I had some time to get into this debate but it will have to wait until this weekend.

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