Friday, May 22, 2009

Affiliates that play together Thrive Together

(Dani, Me and Three amazing and knowledgeable trainers: Maggie, Dave and Pat.)

Yes, I know I haven't been posting my workouts, or anything for that matter. I will return to posting workouts soon. Today I have better things to talk about.

Dani and I will be affiliating with CrossFit soon. We have starting but there is still lots to do. More to follow on this.

Revisiting Peru, I spoke to Coach about affiliating and he gave me a boat load of advice. One of the pieces of advice I liked the most was the stories of affiliates that are literally 2 blocks from each other. CrossFit affiliates should not look at each other as competition but as partners. In addition we talked about professionalism and passion regarding a job. A true professional is always learning and trying to get better, that includes taking criticism and listening to clients. In addition, they have a passion for what they do and actually enjoy going into work everyday.

There are many other aspects that go into a good trainer but I think professionalism and passion are very key variables. Greg Glassman said, "Clients are not harvested like a fruit, they are made." I look forward to building great clientel and "playing" with the other affiliates.


  1. Awesome work on the affiliate.

    I am excited for you and Dani. You will have an wicked gym where the members will feel proud to be a part of your affiliate. You will be great coaches too.

    Stay loose.
    Steve S

  2. Affiliate essay looked great! Good job. Pull up bar is made. Skipping ropes are in. Box jumps are almost finished. Parallettes are complete. Rings are waiting ever so patiently in their brand new box. Thanks for the pep post Steve.

  3. Hey guys... good luck! When are you planning on starting up? and I'm assuming this will be in Calgary?!?