Thursday, May 14, 2009

Some Insights from Coach Glassman

This weekend we had a great opportunity to speak with Coach Glassman in person and listen to two separate Q&A sessions in which I asked a lot of questions  - there was a lot said and discussed...I will just go over a few things here so this isn't a massive post.  

When I initially spoke with Coach we discussed how receptive the military community and Exercise community has been.  In a nutshell he said in person they seemed receptive and open minded but behind his back the problems occurred.  His plan with all groups is to implement CrossFit while maintaining the current PT test - eventually after a few years everyone is going to be crushing the current PT test after doing CrossFit for a while.  At that point the Generals and higher ups will wonder why this is occurring?  He gave the example of Colorado State Patrol (I believe...could be wrong), he used this strategy and now thy are switching to a PT test that includes: Helen, FGB and Fran.  So, he understand he can't walk in the officer of a general and tell them to switch, he understands there is a lot of politics and ego that gets in the way.  

Why the military?  Why Police and Firefighters?  Well, think of fitness as a pyramid, at the top is people who need it for their lives, followed by those for their livelihood and etc. until you get to the bottom which is average joe and sally who just use fitness to lose weight.  He wanted to establish a beachhead with those that require fitness for their lives because he knows that people will take the program more seriously if the Navy Seals are doing it.  He likes to make fun of Richard Simmons, not because he isn't successful but because he targets the average housewife and thus is not taken seriously.  That is part of the reason why the WOD on the mainpage is so hard - to grow, the program has to be taken seriously and kick people's ass.  

CrossFit is currently growing 1% a day, I asked Coach Glassman where he sees CrossFit down the road.  In a nutshell, there are 1300 affiliates now, he doesn't see why there can't be 15 000 - "how many times does 150 divide into 7 million?"  This was a response to the question how many affiliates could Lima, Peru support.  I once heard Coach Glassman state, "CrossFit is a full frontal assault on the fitness industry."  I really think this is his strategy to avoid all the politics and bullshit that is involved with "convincing" the exercise scientists and military communities.  If the front line soldiers are doing it and kicking ass and if average joe is doing it and is healthier than ever, eventually they are going to have to jump and board and stop making up lies and avoiding the elephant in the room.  

"There are more room for CrossFit gyms than 7/11" - Coach Glassman 

That's it for now - next post I will go into other growth of CrossFit he discussed including CrossFit Golf and CrossFit Fire.  

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  1. Looking forward to all of these Sean.

    I will disagree with Coach on more CrossFit gyms then 7-11s. I think the vast majority of my fellow Americans (neither including nor excluding Canadians) would frequent 7-11 for a big Slupee, then would go to a CF gym and put in the effort needed. This is a statement based on the sad state of personal responsibility we have for our health.