Friday, May 15, 2009

Maggie-Dabe Colby = Intensity

I didn't PR in Fran but Maggie sure yelled at me enough to get a decent time
"C'MON DANI!!!!"

So I was joking with Dani before the Cert that Maggie was going to yell at us. She is famous for her intensity video on the CrossFit main page. Well our jokes became reality as soon as we hit Fran with Spanish Salsa music blasting in the backround. She would not accept anything but the best from everyone. It was like she came alive after 3 - 2 - 1 - GO! I like her style of coaching, it is a in your face motivation which is relentless. Pat Sherwood had something interesting to say about intensity and that is: "We write more parking tickets than speeding tickets." Meaning, with new clients it is very unlikely you are going to get one that you have to tell to slow down because they are so new to CrossFit. Most likely you will be motivating them to speed up. It takes a lot to possess the mental toughness to not put that bar down, or drop off the pullup bar during Fran. Fran hurts - but I vow my next meeting with her will be a PR.

More on Coach

So I asked Coach how low he thinks CrossFit times will get. His answer was long and very good but I can summarize it with what he said initially, which was, "Power output will not exceed materials." Meaning, Fran will eventually level off like the 100m world record when our muscles and fibres can no longer support such a high power output. Where does that power output lie? I think he said in between 24 000 and 25 000 ft/lbs is where the maximum lies. I could be wrong, but I think that is what he said.

Coach knows he is in the business of advancing human performance and eventually wants to offer a large cash prize for the CrossFit games. He said, "a large purse drives sport." So his goal is to have the CrossFit Games similar to a World Cup event in which athletes compete for a large cash prize. This would enable athletes from other sports to come over to CrossFit. It would be a, "Union of Capacities" that would include all of sport.

Don't expect to see the CrossFit Games in a stadium anytime soon. They want to keep it as a festival type event. This year should be lots of fun but they eventually want to air it on the internet. They were joking about the Games becoming a Woodstock type environment with bands and drinks; I guess it would be similar to the Calgary Stampede. I thought that was cool.

I still have lots to rant about...but I will leave it there. Post thoughts, comments or questions and I can elaborate.
"Let's go Dani! 2...1...Pick it up let's go!!!"


  1. Thanks for the continued reports from your trip down south.

    I am getting sick and tired of people in the CF community going on and on about the mental toughness need to complete...Navy Seal WODs, painstorms, brass rings, Evas or anything else that takes 20plus minutes. As far as I am concerned, these WODs primarily work the oxidative side of the house, have really low power outputs (because the denominator, time, is large) and really required an individual to have a spare hour on their hands more then any great amount of mental toughness.

    What do I think takes guts...doing that 15 round of Fran unbroken. Yeah it sucks! The 21s are not bad, the 9s have that big light at the end of the tunnel shinning down at you...but that round of 15, not dropping the bar takes more guts and toughness then just putting your head down and steadily plodding along during a 45min chipper METCON. I would also like to add in sticking to an diet with the mental toughness card.


  2. Okay,

    This was a great post because I had forgot some of those things that Coach said and needed a reminder. The amount that Coach wants to award the male & female winners of the CrossFit games is $100,000.