Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lot's Going On

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I got a call today from CrossFit HQ about affiliating. It was awesome they called me to check up on things and welcome me to the family. I look forward to getting everything in order and making it official soon. I will keep you posted.

I got a job today!!! It is with the commissionaires, which is a good fit for me because they are all ex military guys and girls. There is lots of opportunity in this job to do some neat work with RCMP, EPP and the Federal Government. I look forward to things!

My Nutrition lecture went very well. I still have to work on things more and clean it up a bit but I had a great crowd of 4 people to practice on. Keep posted I plan on stepping up the nutrition content on here. I have been meeting some cool guys on the base at the CrossFit gym. I am going to put up posters and start some personal training there. There is definately a great CrossFit knowledge base but I think all the guys who are qualified are with the Patricia's and they have their own gym. I am lookin forward to training some people there.

Finally, Dani has been getting lots of attention for her BootCamp. If you are interested in learning a boat load and getting fit you should check it out. Info is in the top left corner.

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