Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eat Exercise and Be Fit Incorporated!

(The Edmonton Garrison Facility - the front half)

So we are incorporated now...I think a few days until it is "official." After my workout today I had a great conversation with a manager affiliated with PSP. Even though Edmonton Garrison has an absolutely gorgeous CrossFit gym, they still haven't bought into it fully because they feel it has too many injuries. I think this idea has come from people who have "horrifically shitty" technique doing some of the complex lifts and have a massive EGO so they do not scale properly. This is the biggest debate topic right now with CrossFit. What has been your experience? Do you think PSP factors in injuries from sports or people who are weak and out of shape and are constantly on medical catorgory? I don't think they do, one thing I have found with CrossFit is that is will find and expose your weakness. For example, my left leg is longer than my right and as a result I injured my shoulder doing high rep. KB snatch's. After time with the my Chiropractor, I sorted things out and now I am 10 times better for it.

I am going to dig for some research on this. It might take time because people that have it are busy. I will keep you posted. I made myself available to anyone at PSP that wants to have an intellectual debate about this but I am not pushing for it. They have a great thing there and are leaps and bounds ahead of places like London.

MaxFit USA WOD (scaled)
10 rds
3 Deadlift
6 Paralette Pushups
9 Knees to Elbows
Sean - 17:31 225lbs (should have done more but airing on the side of caution)
Tyler - 105lb dead, reg. pushups, knees to chest - 15:47


  1. Good job scaling the WODs for maximal power. A downside to doing the dot com is we become wrapped around the need to do them "as Rx'd" and miss the entire point of the WOD. It takes a professional understanding of CF to see the value in scaling and then actually scaling a WOD perfectly to allow max power to be expressed.

    Did you see this month (May's) PM journal?

  2. How do you do a parellette push-up?