Monday, May 25, 2009

Nutrition Lecture

(This little bugger in Miami stole Dani's pearl earing...but we got it back.)

So I will be practicing delivering my Nutrition lecture tomorrow night to three lovely ladies. I have taken knowledge from Robb Wolf and added a Pat Sherwood twist. It fits with my own style but still has lots of tweaks to work out. I don't mention the zone at all, I think it is not necessary for my audience. This may carry on, I might just mention the zone for people that simply can't give up grains and dairy or that want to really crack down on the diet. I truly believe Paleo is the way to go for the average person and Paleo Zone for the serial killers that want to maximize performance.

Although, at the end of the day, if someone can't live without cheese they are going to eat fucking cheese! I want to make this thing attainable and phase people in. I will not consider it successful if only 2 of 10 people I give the lecture to stick with it. Thus, my lecture explains a lot of the "whys" and discusses health risks and disease.

Yes I need to post more on Star Wars disease post is coming soon specially for Johnny.

Also, tonight I am going to CrossFit Edmonton for a WOD. Looking forward to checking out the box and talking with them about the business. I plan on visiting as many affiliates as I can in the next little while to get ideas for my business. There are a lot of successful affiliates that can't stop growing at a rapid pace....I have an idea of why that is but I want to learn more.

Not as big news as me going to CrossFit tonight but relevant to my family that reads this blog. It is official...I graduated with a BA in Political Science.


  1. Congrats on graduating with a Poly Sci degree. Good work.

    I am big fan of the zone, mainly because of the points you touched on. It allows you to figure out how much grain, dairy, ice cream, what ever you can have and still not let insulin get out of control. I do agree that just eating Paleo is much easier for some. Good luck with the presentation.

  2. It is funny that I think Paleo would scare more people away then the zone. On zone, it is about eating fat/pro/cho balanced, yet you are free to eat whatever. Paleo, on the other hand, immediately dictates what you can not not eat...grains, dairy, sugar, while you can certainly justify the why, I think it will be seen more as a diet of giving things up.

    You know I am a big fan of both. I think it comes down to the individual. What fits them better. weighing and measuring or giving up foods...or what will drive them insane.

  3. Ya, we got half the earing back. Little theaf swallowed the earing back. Is the Nutrition lecture for Brenda, Uncle Pat and someone?

    Sean, I think it is easy and safe for us to be eating paleo since we zoned first. We know how to portion our meals ... we keep that in our head when we eat paleo which is great. Pat, has a good point. Very specific to the individual ... maybe it is good to give them the three options and let them choose (paleo, zone, or paleo+zone)? Maybe not? I will let you know how the lemon flavoured fish oil tastes tomorrow.