Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ditch the Sandwich Have a Salad

(Contrary to Homer Simpson you can make friends with Salad...and live longer to enjoy them)

Some of you may be wondering what I mean when I say eating clean? What I am referring to is eating carbohydrates with a low-glycemic index...such as vegetables and fruit. We refer to these as "good carbs". Bad Carbs are those with a high glycemic index such as bread, rice etc. Eating a lot of carbs with a high glycemic index along with sugar and lack of exercise can lead to Hyperinsulinea. Google hyperinsulinea ...what do you find as related diseases? Obesity, coronary heart disease, cancer, diabetes etc These are very common in both Canada and the US right now...why do you think that is?

Try cutting out the bad carbs....instead fill about a third of your plate with meant and the other two thirds, pile with fresh vegetables and fruit. Toss in some good fat such as nuts and seeds. For breakfast, avoid the orange juice, have some eggs with vege's, fruit and water. Coffee is good just avoid the sugar.

This is a very simple and basic explanation of eating clean...(feel free to add more in comments if you like). Anyone really intrigued that wants more information...there is lots available. For starters you can check out Robb Wolf's blog. His blog will give you basic information on how to eat clean and go into more complex information involving disease prevention, fasting and other juicy topics.

A quick guideline: shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Eat meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no Sugar.

Not only will you feel better, look better and perform better but you will live longer. So ditch the sandwich and have a salad.

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  1. Sean,

    The CF course in Ouray looks awesome. I bet it is worth the money, if one has the money. Ouray is located in the southwest corner of Colorado. This is God's Country. Rugged mountains, not a lot of people, not overbuilt. There are very few ski areas there because it is remote (that tells you something). If you have the means, I think it would be awesome.

    I moved to Colorado in 2001 and lived there until 2007. I was gone 1.5years (guess where?). I learned to ski when I moved there and by the time I left, I was a pretty good skier (I can ski most stuff in bounds). I did love it out there, skiing in the winter and mountain biking and trail running in the summer. I assume Albeta is a lot like Colorado, just a lot less people, maybe a little colder, as it is about due north. I do love the west, but I do not ride bulls, but do enjoy going to a rodeo a few times a year.

    Again, if you have the means, I think Ouray is a great place to visit even without the conference. The conference just makes it. I will be heading to Disney World this summer...good times, but totally different.