Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Paleo Burgers

(Dani makes great Paleo Burgers)
Program A
Back Squat-------Press------Dead
Work set
Damn's just weak. But I am making gains still. I'll have to repeat 117 on Monday and hit atleast 13 before I go up. I am still very happy with my squat and dead. I'm going to have to look for some plates becasue I am going to blow by 340 soon.

A while back I did a post on eating clean. Paleo burgers are great because you can enjoy a delicious burger without having to worry about those nasty complex carbohydrates. Remember grains are bad if you want to increase your performance or be healthier. Add a salad or some other vege's and you have an excellent meal. If it is post workout, try making some fries out of squash, take advantage of the insuline sensitivity post workout so you do not get the carb crash from eating complex carbs at other parts of the day. I'll talk more on this at another time, but if you going to cheat, cheat after your workout!

I haven't tried to order a Paleo burger at a fast food joint yet, mainly becasue I do not frequent them. If I am in a bind and end up having to hit a greasy, delicious burger place I will ask them to wrap it in lettuce and see what they say. Should be interesting...


  1. You can get Paleo burgers down here. A few places offer them. They are often called "low carb" burgers. They are often wrapped in lettuce so you can eat them with your hands. My favorite burger place...Ted's Montana Grill (named for Ted Turner) offers one called a "skinny burger". Me, I love burgers and usually eat the bun. I just do not eat that many of them (or that often).

  2. Thats cool you can get those burgers. I am going to look around and see if I can find any but your right Burgers are delicious. Sometimes if I get one at a restaurant I will just not eat the top bun. But I have been know from time to time to indulge in a few burgers and fries.

    I like how Pat Sherwood explains a Cheat Day, he says "burn it down". Chances are if your diet has been tight you will feel so crappy the next day that you will be back on the wagon in no time.

  3. Thanks Sean. I am going to make so many of those when I can actually BBQ them! Pat, maybe you can take us to Ted's Montant Grill when we come to Chicago for our Cert.

  4. One of the big things I want to ask Robb Wolf about is basing blocks on weekly not daily totals. This would allow for a reasonable cheats and periods of intermitten fasting.

  5. Pat, if you need a cheat have a cheat but remember that the higher you spike your insulin and the longer that you have elevated insulin levels the worse it is for you. If you have sugar filled days on MWF and have no carbs on TuThSaSu your blocks will balance but you still have severely elevated insulin levels for 3 days and your body will have to adapt to that stimulus and increase your tolerance to insulin. The intermittent fasting will help remove the sugar build up but will not fix the problem. Otherwise we could just have one big 16 block meal a day. The good side effects are all about having constantly low/moderate insulin levels the less deviation from ideal homeostasis the better. These are just my thoughts on the topic I'd also be interested in what Robb has the say. I bet he'll tell you to try it for a couple weeks and see if it works better than what you've been doing.

  6. Mike,

    I do not think anyone is talking about sugar filled days. I am talking about cyclical high carbs...starchy type once or twice a week to top off glycogen stores. This follows the suggestion "eat only enough carbs to fuel performance". No doubt, eating crap for 1 day and then eating nothing the next may prevent weight gain (law of thermal dynamics) but, you are what you eat. If I ate crap half the days, I will look half crappy and perform half crappy.

    I am looking for the balance between zoning and life. What it is? Is there a "best way". Why? to help me form my own opinion. I am finally starting to figure out what Pat's zone is, but my Zone is not my friend Tom's zone or my co-workers zone. How can I help them find their zone? What about when we say "just zone"? That is not the answer for everyone. A lot of people state the zone is not practical for them (Josh E for one). How do we find our individual zone? From all I have read by Robb Wolf, he seems to be a little anti-zone (with the zone being 40-30-30). But, he seems to very supportive of each of finding our own zone. Maybe that is 5x fat? or maybe it is 10 CHO, 18Pro, 40Fat? Who knows? We all start somewhere and tweak, that is what Robb says in 43 ways to skin the zone.

  7. I agree with you Pat, it was interesting talking to Crossfit trainers about their diet at my cert. Everyone seems to be doing something different. Jon Gilson says, "Zone makes me weak as shit." He eats Paleo with lots of fat. But your right in that everyone has to find what fuels them best. Not everyone can be 100 percent committed either. Life throws curveballs at us and some days we just cannot eat the way we want too. I loved the zone chronicles put on the crossfit journal because it shows that you can still make "good" decisions at a restaurant.

    I applaud those that can cut out beer and chicken wings from their diet but for me a cheat day every once in a while is part of Sean's zone.

  8. Personally "the zone" is too high carb for me. I don't care to weigh and measure because it doesn't make awhole lot of sense for me. I'm toying with IF wed(rest day)& thurs(No heavy lifts). If all goes well I will add in the sat & sun if I can take it. But usually weekends seem to be a bit more of a "cheat" sometimes.

    For you three that are going to the Robb Wolf Cert in Chicago (Sean, Dani, Pat) this here is a must read for you!
    Actually its a must read for everyone!

  9. Pat I must have misinterpreted your post when you were talking about weekly blocks over daily blocks for cheat I could only assume that some days would be high carb and others low carb for them to balance. After reading your last post it seems like you are more interested in modifying individual meals throughout the day, depending on what your activities are during that day than adjusting daily intake to meet a specific weekly block count. I totally agree with you that each individual is different and although ideal "zone" is a great place to start everyone needs to tweak it to there own energy needs. I personally perform best with a daily average 16 blocks at twice the fat. I need to eat 45min before my wod and my post workout meal has about 6-8blocks of carbs, which only works because it is within 30 min of my workout (If I eat after the 30 I feel like crap). I have found this is great for performance but I can't lose body fat unless I balance each meal and drop to 1xfat, I also can't eat like that on rest days. I have almost found my ideal zone. I hope you find your ideal Zone for each situation you want to train for (multiple activity day zone, rest day zone, inactive zone, etc.). Enjoy the nutrition cert. Please post your thoughts about the nutrition cert on your blog, I've enjoyed reading it for some time.