Friday, February 6, 2009

"Of course there's alot of spending it's a STIMULUS PACKAGE!"

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Back Squat-------Press------Dead
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Felt good today, everything is progressing well.

I can't say I have ever been swept up into the "Obama fever." But watching the news this morning he sure had me laughing when he was responding to John McCain calling his economic package a "spending bill." He was getting arguments, from opposition, that it is not a stimulus bill but a spending bill....haha....well even he laughed when explaining that the whole point of stimulating the economy is spending cash. I like Obama's seemingly no BS approach to politics. He is calling the Republicans out on playing games when the US economy is taking some serious down turns. It may be a dream to think that everyone can get along and work together to make things better for our neighbors to the south. Unfortunately, politicians will always be politicians....and even though billions of people in the world are hoping the US pulls out of this slump in a timely fashion...the games will still continue.

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