Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gallon a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

(Back when I was zoning hard and sitting at 170lbs)
Program A
Back Squat-------Press------Dead
work set
Today I had went out with my business feasibility group for some wings after we handed in our huge report. I had two glasses of something I shouldn't have before I lifted. I'm blaming that for missing my last squat and struggling a bit on my press. I took video of every warm up set and work set for my squats. It helped a lot....I fell apart on my last set but I know what I did wrong and what I need to do to fix it. Mainly, I need to work on keeping my chest up. I was happy to see my depth is good, (not ridiculous like Jeremy), but the crease in my hip looks well below my knee.

Weight update - I initially weighed in at 179 pre-GOMAD Feb 1 - Today I weighed in at 189.
I took some pictures when I started and I will do a 2 or 3 week comparison. I am obviously gaining weight and I am sure my Met-Con is getting really poor but I am getting stronger and it will eventually pay dividends when I get back into the CrossFit program. I am also buying Homo milk now so it's 3.25% and tastes a lot better!


  1. If you are worried about your met-con getting really poor just add a 5-10 min metcon to the end of your lifts ie. 1/2 cindy, some treadmill sprints or a 50-30-10 Annie just to keep you fit but not too much that it takes away from strength. You could even do it a few hours after you've worked out so that it's not as ass kicking.

  2. Nice, 10lbs of weight gain and increased strength. Sean, how tall are you? 275x5 is starting to get up there. Keep it going.


  3. Pat

    Im 6'3 1/2 ....The weight gets really heavy fast with this program. I think I'm going to give 280 a try on Friday.

    With my deadlift I have maxed out the weight I can put on their bar ... I took a video of my last set of five and my form was not bad but I definitely deteriorated in the last two reps .... lost my back a little bit and my ass wasn't moving with the bar.

    Do you think I should take this opportunity (until we get steel plates) to drop down and get my technique down a bit more? My dead is not my weakest lift .... what do you think?

  4. I think it depends on how much you lost your form? If you lost form in a big way and you seriously put yourself at risk of injury, then yes, drop down and keep the form tight. But, if the first 3 were solid, the last 2 were a little off, but that did not affect you, then I think you are fine. 340lbs can hurt someone if lifted wrong.

    However, I BELIEVE, way too many people put way too much emphasis on lifting with perfect form. They do seem to believe that if is the form of the lift, not the actual weight lifted that bring results. Also, in a competition, form has to meet minimum criteria for a lift to count, form does not have to be perfect.

    Sean, you have to be honest with yourself (like I do with myself) and ask if I risked too much trying to finish a set. I often do not know until the next day how much a break down in form hurt me. Again, heavy deads can really hurt someone.

  5. Thanks Pat

    I watched the video of myself about 20 times...I think I'm going to drop down. The last rep felt like I was pulling a one rep max and I lost my back after it past my knees. I'm going to drop and focus more on a fluid lift with shorter air intake in between.

  6. Sean,

    haha 10lbs... fatso
    I know your not changing your mind on your training protocol but I will repeat myself on the "dividends" wont be what you think they will. maybe you missed that in the CFSB article. (cited examples and time lines) Anyways its good that the lifts are getting better. look on kijiji or at play it again sports you shoudn't have any trouble finding steel at 50 cents a lb. just buy some 45's

    Jen printed me a thing on GOMAD. she works in a dietitians lab. so she entered what the 4L of milk a day is based on your height, weight, and age and activity level. The numbers are based on the new canada food guide... I may take the time to compare them to zone portions etc...
    anyways when you come in next i will give you the print out. here are the highlights
    Calories 2536 68% of daily intake
    calories from fat 1217 117% of daily intake
    calories from sat/fat 760 229% DI
    protein 135g 225% DI
    total sugar 202g (no daily value but at 20% of daily numbers its about double the highest they recommend)
    Fat 135g 117% DI
    Saturated fat 85g 229% DI
    Mono fat 42g 102% DI
    Poly fat 8g 23% DI

    vitamin D 1690iu 845% daily intake (i think at 1000% your at toxicity levels...I need to look it up though)
    Calcium 4226mg 422% DI
    Sodium 2113mg 91% DI

    those numbers are all based on the 3.25% Milk... I know your on 2% but the numbers will be pretty similar.

    has the milk bunged you up yet... you haven't posted any positive or negative comments


  7. Ryan
    I eat clean and CrossFit. I have also been on the zone. You can find out about CrossFit at and I did a blog post on eating clean already.



  8. Dave those numbers are meaningless I'm pretty sure I'm at 200-300% DI for Fat, sat fat, monofat and 200% for protein and that's only at a 2xfat zone meal. The new canada food guide is a joke! as an athlete you are supposed to eat 7-14 servings of grain (1 slice of bread = 1 serving) as well as 7-14 servings of fruit and vegetables a day!!! yet you're not supposed to increase fat or protein intake. You barely get enough protein to maintain the muscle mass you have. They also count the protein from the grains you eat towards your daily intake even though you can't put it to use. I do think that Sean should do a little metcon maybe on the days he isn't lifting.

  9. yea i was posting a whole picture.... the mineral levels aren't all that different for zone than canada food guide. we all know that the guide is a joke for athletic performance, but the numbers posted were more about the total quantities than the DI numbers...
    sean wants to get fat and become a powerlifter... "anything but SS isn't starting strength" don't back down now sean "drink milk, lift heavy and get fat" ...
    I was just thinking about this and i haven't looked at it completely.... if you gain 20lbs how much do you have to gain on the basic strength chart to be considered an equal lifter, obviously you are lifting more pounds, but are you staying pound for pound as strong?

  10. Dave

    I appreciate you looking out for me but lets put this GOMAD thing to rest for a bit. If the milk kills me or the Met Con kills me when I get back to CrossFit you can laugh at my funeral and say "I told you so!"

    6 packs are overrated....i want to know what its like to rest a beer on my belly while watching TV and eating potato chips.

  11. Hey Sean,

    For the level III skills, I am short on the 10min Snatch Test (that is a bitch!). Also, I have never rowed, so I do not know about those. My running is just a little too slow, right now I am guessing I could run a mile 6:30, 400m about 1:30 or so. I am not a natural runner. Otherwise, I have the other level III skills. My goal is level IV strength only skills by the end of the year.

    On the kettlebells. I have a Body Solid one now. It is a cheaper one, thicker handle, with a little seem. I am thinking about getting a better one, specifically for snatching. You are a stud at that, what kind do you have? Also, you mentioned quality of the bell DOES matter, do you (or others) believe that. I do not think a better bell will give me 20% more snatches. I care more about my hands minimizing tears. Thanks,


  12. Sean,
    I would never say "I told you so" I would say something cool like "in your face sucka" or come up with some sort of nickname to continually remind you or your error. all in good fun of course....
    10lbs in 10 days is pretty crazy... how much are you thinking is water weight? feeling bloated at all or is it going down pretty smooth?
    obviously there will be a turnover time before the metcon gets up again... but the question is how long....and at what strength cost... it will be interesting to see. I have no moral delema with conducting this experiment. I would like to compare to some of your times pre tactical strength challenge. I think that was the best metcon/benchmark's I've seen you do... correct me if I'm wrong.

    whats your hypothesis... what is the end goal Sean, we never really talked about that?

    anyways you should pop by the gym to say hey when you get a chance, we are practically a full service gym now with the new water fountain.

  13. I think we need a 1 month update in May with before and after pics and a before/after WOD. I know we both did Nasty Girls before i left so that should be a good gauge. You've been on a SS + GOMAD and I've been on all gymnastics + Mediterranean Zone (3-5x Fat with 1-2 less carb blocks). It should be interesting to see the results of each.