Friday, February 27, 2009


(Am I really a meatball for doing 8 weeks of SS?)
Program B
Back Squat-----Bench Press-----Power Cleans
Work set

It is weird that the lift I had the least interest in improving is the one that is improving the easiest. My power clean is going to hit my goal of 205 very soon. I wish my bench press and strict press increased as easily! I will be back up to 280 on Monday with my squat, my depth and strength has made great gains after scaling back 10 percent. I am very happy with this.

So I did not GOMAD for the past two days because of one of life's curveballs and I weighted in at 187lbs today. That is down a lot from my previous GOMAD weight of 192lbs. I predict that when I am done this SS program and I get back to CrossFit, with a more strict zone, I will cut back to my previous weight of 175 ish in no time. I could be wrong but lets spare the debate and wait three weeks when it all goes down.

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