Monday, February 2, 2009

Last Day of HSPU Challenge

(Monika Showing all the guys in the gym how to do pullups)
Program A
Back Squat-------Press------Dead
work set
My Press suffered today because of the 55 HSPU's I did last night. I should have hit all of those easily. I was not happy with my set of 5 for the deads, on my second rep I ripped my shins open really bad and had to stop and finish the rest after I got the bleeding under control. I am stupid for not wearing pants or taping up my shins because of the scar tissue I have.

Today is the last day of the HSPU challenge. I will do 30 today and be done with it. My full attention will be on making linear gains in my lifts.


  1. Sean,

    GOMAD is not part of SS per Rip. It is just his answer to people who can not seem to gain weight. The CF forum has tons of stuff on this, but for me, it is just a way to get extra calories, that are good quality (I know people will argue about the value of dairy) in just about zone ratios. But, GOMAD seems to be accepted as an key part of SS. I had no desire to get HEWG!, just stronger, so I skipped GOMAD.

    On another note, I no longer believe in magic. I think the ideal of 40/30/30 breakdown of macronutrients producing "magic" results, well is just not true. The zone is essentially just eating a balanced diet. It also gives people an ideal of exactly how much food they are eating and makes them eat protein. I think if you follow the age old body building advice of 1gm PRO/lbs BW and adjust CHO individual needs (based on daily activity level and how CHO effect you) you will be where you need to be. If you eating quality food, you will have quality gains.

    On another note, I say your Dad is an Olifter? That is awesome. Does he compete? Did you ever just focus on the olifts?

  2. Thanks Pat,

    I am going to give GOMAD a try because I do need to gain mass. I am going to keep eating "clean" meats and veg's nuts and seeds some fruit, little starch no sugar.

    My dad does still compete. He is in his fifties. He built me a set of wooden weights and a bar when i was a little kid and I was an idiot for not picking up the sport. I never really was into it until I started CrossFit. I plan on focusing on my O Lifts more when I move out west and I can train with him.

  3. Sean,
    1gm PRO/lbs BW... increase good fat sources.
    GOMAD and bigmacs are lazy.
    If you want to gain weight/mass thats easy...

    I don't know if you watched the bj/gsp fight but there was a distinct reason bj was gassed and slow because he's just put on weight (crap weight), you will need to do massive amounts of speed work to match your weight gain. Expect to take the equal time regaining your current speed that you are taking to gain strength once done SS.

    Starting strength is just that starting strength... (I don't think your a novice lifter)
    ask yourself the following:
    is my press aprox 129lbs
    is my bench aprox 187lbs
    is my power clean 180lbs
    is my squat aprox 250lbs
    is my deadlift aprox 293lbs

    if 3/5 lifts are above those numbers, then that makes you more of an intermediate lifter than a novice.

    don't get me wrong if you lift you will progress simply because you haven't taken that approach before...(aside from the deadlift gain) but the more efficient path is right in front of you with an intermediate programing set.... if all your going to do is lift.

    Make a goal with hard numbers, and lets think about how realistic they are.... advanced lifters take time to become advanced lifters... (aprox 1yr from novice level)

    keep in mind that power lifting is just that power lifting... it may even hinder your olympic lifts, although the weight will go up, you will loose explosiveness, if you don't have that in your training. Olympic lifting is about momentum.

    btw i think if you are doing gomad, you need to do pictures of you each week....

  4. Dave,

    Correct me if I am wrong but Rip defines a novice lifter as one who makes linear gains. So if I continue to make linear gains every week I am to stick with the program I am on?

    Ben emailed Robb Wolf about GOMAD and he said "GOMAD is fucking legit" It may not be the healthiest option long term but dedicate 2 months to it.

    I am not worried about gaining fat, losing my O - Lifts or my CrossFit times. I know they will all come back when I start back. I am also a bit of a freak when it comes to cutting weight. It happens fast for me. I also generally do not put on weight easily.

    I will take a weekly picture log while doing GOMAD