Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Former Premier Ralph Klein

Back Squat-----Bench Press-----Power Cleans
work set
Happy with my progression. I just went up 2lb on the squat to work on really good depth, after reading Rips chapter on the squat I wanted to try a few things. I think it's important to not be afraid of getting into that hole....good things will happen.

Ralph Klein was Provincial Premier of Alberta from 1992 until 2006. His was an interesting are a few quotes that describe what he was like.

“Curiosity motivated many requests from visiting politicians, dignitaries and businessmen. They know it doesn’t add up: a high school dropout with a couch potato physique and a legendary liver bruising thirst (which didn’t take a sobering until 2001) could not possibly have triumphed in two political realms (municipal and provincial) in difficult economic times, winning three elections at each level by ever-increasing margins and still remain an ordinary guy in attitude, out look and image. They know it can’t be done. If Ralph Klein is real, they want to see it for themselves.” (Martin, 2002)

Known for his fondness of booze, Klein would commonly throw his aides into a scramble when he would all of sudden come down with the "flu" in the morning. This is what he had to say after kicking his habit,
“You know I find its so good to wake up without a hangover, I say, why did I do that to myself? When I don’t go on a toot and I haven’t been on one for a while, I feel real good and I’m up and ready to go at it!” (Martin, 2002)

Only in Alberta, (the wild west), could a person like this not only govern for so long but get popular support that rivaled communist countries!


  1. Sean,

    Are you from Alberta? How does that compare to London or Ontario? Seriously, I moved from Colorado to Chicago about 2 years ago. We loved the mountains and the west and daily, either my wife or I think about moving back out west. Do you ski? Snowboard? Ride Bulls?

    I liked you post of your govenor (Is that the right term?). I was with the Auzzies overseas and they all loved that their PM was an ex-Rugby player who could out drink all of them. That attitude is lost down here. The ideal of our leaders being able to drink, laugh, fight, etc is lost on most of us. We want nice looking, clean cut guys who speak well and went to a top tier law school. Oh well, the differences between us (and the Aussies, Kiwis) is both big and small. Again, it was my time in Afghanistan that brought all this home for me.

    Good progression

  2. Pat,

    I was born in Calgary, AB but I have spend most of my life in Ontario. I have spent a great deal of time out west working, visiting and traveling. I will be moving back in May....I love the mountains. Skiing is such a treat in the Rockies compared to the east. I do not ride bulls, but I look forward to getting into some horseback riding.

    Premier Klein is one of a kind....I think lots of politicians drink heavily buy few admit to it and do so as often in public.

    I think Canadian politicians reflect the population they reside over. Canada has some provinces with a population less than small US cities. So sometimes the Premier can be an interesting character.