Sunday, July 12, 2009


(Picture from CrossFit Games Twitter Feed - 6th event was a 1 rep max snatch. The winner snatched 240lbs after 5 BRUTAL leg intensive WODs the previous days)

As of right now CrossFit Calgary took 2nd place in last affiliate team cup workout!!!! They were top 5 going in so we will see how the points hash out. I am very happy and cannot wait to congratulate them in person. I look forward to meeting OPT and AFT. I will definitely pick their brain on how they program because they have phenomenal stats. Two males and one female in the individual events (top 16) and the affiliate team taking 2nd place!! UNREAL!

Front Squat - worked up to 105kg (231) x PR for 3 reps. Think I can do 110kg next time.

30 Muscle Ups for time: PR is (9:51)


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