Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Need to get More Sleep...

(Tyler hits his first Deadlift PR at 275lbs! Good Job Tyler, you are improving more and more every day)

Deadlift ME x 1
Worked up to only 385lbs, a full 35lbs off my PR. I didn't expect to pull 420lbs today but I was dissapointed in my lift. I took the 9 hours of sleep I got every night as a student for granted. I am lucky if I get 6 hours working shifts....I am blaming this to some dips in performance. What does everyone else think???

GHD situps
Ring Push-ups


  1. Sean,

    Without a doubt your sleep (or lack there of) is effecting your performance. Exercise is a "stress" response. When in nature would your body be in this state? Fighting for your life? Hunting (holy fuck I need food and if I don't get some soon I will die!). Think about it, lack of sleep is stressful enough (up goes cortisol), then you have crossfit, intense as hell (up goes more cortisol). Lack of sleep alone can fuck you up let alone participating in the most intense exercise on the planet. Cortisol actually has blood sugar mobilizing effects, taxing your insulin response system (it blocks insulin from doing its job)...meaning that you can actually become insulin resistant by exercising. Cortisol is ALWAYS up when the lights are on. So turn them off whenever possible. As you know chronic high anything is bad...but cortisol resistance is a really nasty thing, to big to go into here. Sleep as much as possible without gettting fired. What kind of cycle are you following as far as ON/OFF? Since losing sleep because of my job I definitely eased off training leading up to the challenge. If i was getting in 4 WODS a week it was rare, usually only 3. But I PR'd every god damn time. Just keep eating tight and get all the sleep you can. Remember; performance means fuck all if your body is stressed to shit. Look after your health and everything else will fall in place. It looks as if your getting back to your old ways though, some good lifts and times going up.


    BTW..look out for some pretty badass picks of three Fit as F*ck cowboys in sweet cowtown shirts.