Monday, July 13, 2009

"Running Isabel"

Run 800m
Power Snatch 30 reps 135lbs (scaled 115lbs)
Run 800m
3:20 run, 9:20 "Isabel", 3:54 run

Isabel is tough. I let my technique degrade too much. If I were to try this Rx'd I would really have to focus on technique.

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  1. This looks insane. your 800M times were not bad. Max really puts together the best CF WODs. There is really no need to do ME days as he seems to have a good mix of ME (or close to ME lifts) built into his WODs. I am looking forward to his post tomorrow on the next games overview.

    What did you think of the games? I think all were great workouts, but 7 of them in 2 days is a ton, I am sure all the finalists will be wrecked for a few days. Nonetheless, I am extremely impressed by the level of fitness displayed. What did you think of the whole event?