Sunday, July 5, 2009

O-Lifts with my Old Man

90 kg (198lbs) and 95 kg miss - BW is currently 82kg (180lbs)

So I had a great session of O-Lifting with my Dad. He found all of my major errors. I have a lot of technique work to do...but the next time I max out my Clean and Jerk I will put 100kg overhead. You can see in the video I could have put up 95kg but my jerk technique is terrible and I chickened out. When I get enough cash I am buying and Eleiko bar...they are fantastic and the difference between a normal bar is day and night.


  1. These looked good. On the 95kg, you had more then enough height, get yourself under it. The cleans looked solid. You should lift more with your old man.

    Eleiko bar sounds good. I am seriously going to get the new Pendlay with bearing. It is about 485 US. A little less then Elieko.

    Solid lifts today..Good Job!

  2. On the 95Kg Jerk you crumbled at the bottom of your drive you have to stay solid like you did on the 90kg if you want to hit it. It is looking really good, very explosive. Have you done any snatches lately?

  3. Great Job Sean, dad sure does know his stuff technically for those lifts. Take Care