Monday, March 2, 2009

Poor Nutrition = Poor Performance

Program A
Back Squat-------Press------Dead
Work set
Today I hit a wall, I have squatted 280 before for 15 at a depth that would pass. This time because my flexibility has improved so much I was getting really deep and struggled with it coming out of the hole. I don't know what to think, 275 wasn't that hard and after a weekend of rest I never thought I would suck so much at 280. My poor sleep and nutritional decisions over the weekend must have been a factor today. Either way I failed to hit atleast 13 in both the press and the squat. I have one more shot at the press before I have to drop 10 percent.

Everyone has a bad day now and again and I can't expect to keep making 5lb gains on my squat forever. I still have 3 -4 weeks of scheduled SS training. This is lots of time for me to reach my goals. Strength is measured in years, I have come to accept that my press will take a long time to get better. I will stick this out as long as I do not fail in any other lifts.


  1. I have found that doing Handstands/HSPUs have really increased my press - less on the strength side but more in midline stability awareness. We'll go over some tricks when i get back.

  2. There is a great quote from Glassman:

    “Variances in effort, intensity, enthusiasm, and performance are an inescapable part of life. The belief that these natural variances can be planned for months in advance in order to optimize performance at a later date is hogwash.”

    This seems to be against the ideal of microcycles, macrocycles, peaking, etc. Sometimes you have it and other times you do not. That is my take. When you have it, run with it, when you do not, try not to get too discourage, keep plodding away and know it will be back.