Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chicago, Chicago!

(Pat and I as he dropped us off at the hotel. We had so much to talk about a chance for a picture earlier never came up.)
(Myself, Robb Wolf and Dani. We had a great opportunity to chat with Robb both before and after the cert. Getting a chance to pick his brain one on one was amazing!)

Wow! What an amazing trip Dani and I had to Chicago! First of all, I have to thank Pat for everything. It was awesome getting to hang out with Pat, I know he is busy with work and the family and I appreciate the chance to hang out after the cert and have him show us around a bit and take us for pizza. Thanks Pat! Pat had the best questions at the cert and was one of the most knowledgeable people there. I'm glad too, because lots of that nuts and bolts in the beginning was a little over my head!!! Although he trains out of his basement, Pat is well known in the area and I'm not the only one that thinks he should compete for a spot in the CrossFit games.

I will be blogging lots about the material from the cert. I learned a boat load and need to digest everything. The amount of information I learned was A LOT but now there is more I have to learn. It has expanded my minds to many different areas to research. Everything I learned I want to eventually blog about on here. So stay tuned!!

Dani and I will be working on building a nutrition consulting business. It is a while down the road but we are looking for Guinea Pigs to work with. If you want free consultation on anything nutrition related drop one of us a line. We will work with you to achieve any of your goals but only if you want to work!


  1. Hey Sean,
    So glad to hear you guys had a great trip. Sounds like a blast, and now you're off again, so jealous!
    I would love to sit down with you sometime. I'll admit that my life isn't always condusive to strict zoning, but maybe you've got some good tips you've picked up. Next time you two are around I should pick your brain for all that stuff you've probably been digesting from the cert :)


  2. Hey Merritt,

    For sure, no problem. Start a food log, no BS, just what you would NORMALLY eat. Don't jazz it up or anything because you know we will be looking at it. Also, write in how much sleep you got each night and the times you worked out. Shoot me an email and I can send you a food log form.


  3. Sean,

    It was great meeting you and Dani. Sorry to hear about the Cubs raining out, but that gives you another excuse to come back down this way. Next time, we can hit a few of the local affiliates.

    Next stop for you...Peru! That will be incredible. Have a great time down there and take a lot of pictures.