Monday, April 27, 2009

Respect for CrossFit Kids

5rds for time:
30 squats
10 1.5 pood KB push Press (5L/5R)
Run 200 m
14:20 - still out of shape....BIG TIME

I did this workout in the third floor open court yard at my appartment complex. Its about 129 000 sq/feet in size. There is a pool and lots of grass area, in which the kids are always playing. As much as it annoys me when I am studying, it is refreshing to see kids out playing and not geeking out on video games. Today after my workout the kids came over and wanted to pick up my 16, and 24 kg kettlebells. I wouldn't let them unless they picked it up properly. Have you ever tried to show a kid how to deadlift? Man was it hard, they don't listen and just want to rip the thing off the ground. I have a new respect for people that run CrossFit kids classes.


  1. Sean,

    Good to see you geeking out on fish oil. I post some thoughts, concerns on fish oil here are some more.

    First, the dose recommended. Where did Robb Wolf get the dose 0.5-1.0gm/10lbs body weight? This seems high and high enough that there is a risk of bleeding.

    Next, there is a lot of evidence out there fish oil does a lot of good, if you choose to believe it, but there are also studies that show it had minimal effects. Most of the studies I looked at (not a lot), showed some benefit, that was statitically significant, this benefit was actually quite small.

    Next, look at the marketing of "Omega-3". It is everything from prenatal vitamins, baby food to butter type spread. Is Omega 3 the new "low fat" or "whole grain". In 3-7years (the half life of medical knowledge) how will we view fish oil? Do you think it will be put in our water? Serve to kids at lunchtime? Seriously, how do you think we will view fish oil supplementation in 7 years?

    You talked about the need for pregnant or nursing moms to take fish oil, why? how much? My Mom did not supplement, I did fine. Again, not trying to be an asshole, these are just my views. Do we know enough about it, the effect of taking it and finally taking it in very large doses to do it or to give others the advice to take it? Sure, we can rationalize how omega-3 are being replaced in nature, we need to balance out our n-3 to n-6, but that seems to be a lot like the old thought "if you want to lose fat, do not eat it".

    With all this said, I AM taking fish oil. I do believe it will benefit me. I am taking a total of 7.2gms daily, 3.6gm EPA, DHA. This is lower then Robb Wolf recommends, but any higher and my risk of clinical bleeding, GI upset goes up. This dosing is based on a review by the American Heart Association (not that I am big fans of their advice either).



  2. Dose of fish oil ... I don't knwo where Robb got the number from. I also question how you factor the amount of omega 3 you are already eating. I eat 2 omega-3 eggs every morning and fish at least once a week. Do I really need to supplement my diet with an extra 6g (10 capsules equal to Robb's "maintenance level") of fish oil per day if I am already getting omega-3 every morning? Your Mom may not have supplemented her diet with fish oil, but did she eat fish while she was pregnant? Did she eat well? It is all relative, right?

  3. Another thing, now pregnant women are not supposed to eat fish due to the mercury content. My daughter is just about 2. So, when my wife was pregnant with her, she was given pre-natal vitamins with Omega-3. I do not know the dose of Omega-3. I do know these cost more and were sold to her by her OBGYN. But she was 3 needed for brain development. We both wondered how our brain developed because our Moms were both typical American casserole eating women who would have never thought about fish oil. The doctor tell her this....another person giving the advice who will turn around and sell you the product they are advising you to take. Because this is the US, the vitamins were covered by our insurance, so all we had to do was say yes, we were not "directly" paying for them.

    I do not know how to factor in omega 3 in eggs, butter, fish, etc. The few articles I read all said eat fish, if you can not then supplement. Again, my stance on fish oil is that we should be probably taking it. I take it, but I think it is supposed to supplement a good diet. Fish oil, combined with a steady diet of beer, buffalo wings and ice cream will probably only result in burps that taste like buffalo fish and some slippery poops.