Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Paleo vs. Infertility - You must be Warned!

(Note in the top pictures that the lines supersede each other)

There was a point in the nutrition cert, this past weekend, that Dani and I glanced at each other with horror. Robb discusses a whole slew of diseases and problems that can greatly benefit from eating Paleo and doing CrossFit only 2 x per week. (If you are not sure what eating Paleo is, read this, ask questions in comments. I will eventually be doing a more detailed post on this stuff). The Topic we found fascinating, but scary, was infertility. This post will explain why if you Eat Paleo and do CrossFit you WILL get pregnant.

Now I am not a doctor, nor an expert, I am just passing on knowledge from someone who has been studying this for years and has seen great success and lots of babies.

The problem is increased insulin or insuline insensitivity from eating too much JUNK.

What are too many bagels and ice cream bars doing? To create a fertile egg (in a nutshell), your estrogen levels are superceded by progestorone, which is a sex hormone binder. With increased insulin your progestone levels drop and with increases levels of insulin you get an increase in levels of androgen which is responsible for creating estrogen. So, you are increasing estrogen and decreasing progesterone. If they don't supercede you will not get pregnant and end up with a longated menstration or a abnomal cycle. This is a basic barebones explaination, if you want to geek out on this or challenge what I say, read this first. All of this hormone stuff is new to me so I am learning a lot as I go, if I goofed something up let me know.

Basic concept which Robb has proven time and time again, not just with infertility but general good health, weight loss and disease prevention.

Eat Paleo, do CrossFit 2x a week and you will get pregnant. He told some great stories about couples who have been tryign for years to have a baby that were successful in less than a month. Other stories about couples who weren't trying but were graced with a baby. I personally spoke with a couple who it took almost 6 months to have their first child, pre crossfit, but only two weeks after both have been doing CrossFit and been eating Paleo. (The guy seemed dissapointed when he told me this).

So, if you want to get pregnant, take some of the THOUSANDS of dollars you would spend in a clinic, put it in a savings account and try this out for a month.

If you aren't looking to get pregnant, you have been warned, be careful, "you will get pregnant on this shit!" - Robb Wolf