Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy with my 5K

5000 m Run for time:
22:00 - (PR 21:47 - 23 March 08)
Wow, am I ever happy with this. I didn't expect to come close to a PR today but I worked hard for it. I was in good condition this time last year when I set my PR. I guess a year of training makes a difference, even if I am in a slump right now. My 5k course is badass, next time it comes up I invite everyone out to try it. It has a good mix of uphill, downhill and flat ground. It is very accurate and has a tricky incline right before the last 400 m, which is a good gut check!

Check out my post below on my brother, and Ben's post today.


  1. That is a great time. Well done Sean

  2. Sean,

    That is a good 5k time. Did you open the articles for the nutrition cert? It was just a food diary, the PM articles and a new thing on fatty acids. The fatty acid article looks pretty dense. I am sure you will enjoy reading it, especially after finals week.

    Hopefully, finals went well...or well enough. Everyone is different, but when I have a mental stress deadline...classs, exams, etc, I have no energy for training. In fact, while I was in anesthesia school, I did not train for 2.5years, gained 25lbs and got fat. But, I gave school my all and had nothing left for training. Everyone is different. I compare this to deployment, mental stress of getting casualties 24/7, I always had energy and motivation to train.

    Looking forward to next weekend.


  3. Sean,

    Where is the training? Are you guys getting ready for the trip? I just started my food diary, I will just do 5days. Right now, I am pretty happy zoning with 16-17blocks, 3x fat. That seems to work best with me. About 1/2 my CHO blocks are from gains (including a beer!). We will see how my opinion changes after Saturday.

    Hopefully, finals are over and you are unwinding, getting ready for the trip down.



  4. Sean,

    I sent you an e-mail, let me know if you did not get it.