Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Has it Been a Week???

Hit the 50m pool at Student Rec.
4 x 50 m - best time :54
4 x 100 m - best time 2:33

This was humbling, wow, I need to learn how to swim more effectively. I feel like I am wasting so much energy splashing around. When I look around everyone else is so graceful. A 50 m pool is intimidating...and today it owned me.

So I haven't posted in a week... and really haven't been hitting it hard. Here come the excuses... I would like to say I have been resting my shoulder but there is lots I can do. I would like to say school has been kicking my ass, this is my last month of school before I graduate and it is really damn busy....Buuuuuuuuuuuut.....in reality I am just being lazy. I have been a whole lot busier than this before and still made time to work out. And busy is such a relative term, what I think is busy is NOTHING compared to someone else. So I have no exuse and I have to start calling myself on this more often.

I hate getting into these slumps. I am glad I have this blog to make me feel guilty every day. Next time I slip into something like this I will pull up this post and remind myself I should have no exuse.


  1. Sean, I hear your pain. I have been there and to a large extent am still there.

    I am sorry to say I have no real words of wisdom to impart to assist you. Find something that gets you fired up and get at it. SS was a good one. What now? Maybe swimming lessons and work that area for a bit.

    Best wishes.

    In strength!


  2. Sean,

    How is the trip planning to Chicago coming?

    Do not worry about getting into shape. You have your whole life to do that. Besides, it is cool to say you are in better shape at 35 then 25 (and it is much easier to say that if you were not in all that great shape at 35).

    Good luck on exams, do not forget how much mental stress...exams, effects physical stress (training). It is my experience, that when I was mental stressed out academically, it I did not have it physically.

  3. Good job getting up early the past two morning to go swimming! It's snowy so running isn't the greatest right now and it's good that you found a varied type of exercise to do. Swimming is new and getting up at 6:30am is something that you haven't done in a while so good job on switching things up