Thursday, April 23, 2009

Insulin Explanation with a Star Wars Slant

Ok, so I want to start blogging more about nutrition but before I do so I must talk about insulin so everyone understands it. This Star Wars slant is for you Johnny!

Insulin is a storage hormone in which we have a lot of influence over. A hormone is something in your body which regulates things. Have you ever heard the term hormonal balance? Ya? Well lets think of Insulin as "The Force" in Star Wars. So it is something that binds the galaxy (your body) together and can be controlled for both good and bad.

Insulin is released with intake of carbohydrates and its job is to put stuff into cells. You want to use the Force to keep peace in the galaxy and instill values in the communities so they can run effectively and extract those values. You don't want to use the Force too much or in a bad way so the galaxy doe not benefit. The same is with insulin you want it to put good stuff into your cells and allow other hormones to extract that later when they need it to run your body.

Although, when insulin levels are too high bad things happen. Let's think of high insulin as the Dark Side of the Force. When insulin is high (Dark side of the force being used) problems occur such as insulin resistance, insulin de-sensitivity. So the Dark Side of the Force prevents all the communities in the galaxy from having peace and values. Eventually they reject the Dark Side of the Force (Insulin). This leads to problems because Darth Vader doesn't like to be fucked with. (I plan on discussing diseases and problems in a later post)

Monitor your Insulin intake, don't let the Dark Side of the Force screw things up. Don't eat refined carbohydrates that spike insulin levels, avoid sugar and starchy items - they are like anger and fear leading to the dark side of the Force. Eat Vegetables and Fruit, maintain peace and good values in the galaxy.

Get lots of sleep, lack of sleep can affect insulin sensitivity - think of it as meditation - a crucial part to staying in touch with the "light side" of the Force.

To sum up, you want to be sensitive to insulin and only take in enough to do the job. Don't get full of fear and anger and become resistant.


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