Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Soccer Posts are No Good for Pullups

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(My workout spot down the road from my house. I need to sort out a pullup spot, maybe I will try rings next time)
3rds for time:
400m Run
21 Kettlebell swings 1.5 pood
12 pullups
10:58 (PR is 9:08 - 18 Sep 08)

So I thought soccer posts wouldn't be bad for Helen because there are not a lot of pull ups. I was was brutal...definitely added some variance to the workout. It was a grip factor because of how thick the bar is and I had no chalk. I still don't think I would have PR'd with a normal bar, I need to go head to head with Ben to PR, and I need to fine tune the POSE running.

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  1. Hey sean,
    I hear you on how hard pull-ups are on the soccer post, we all did a satruday wod at JPII highschool and it was tough.

    I haven't made it to costco yet for the fish-oil, but I can say with 100% honsety that I am at day three and haven't strayed from the paleo plan. I can tell you though, I am CRAVING carbs/sugar of some kind. I know now how smokers and such have such a hard time making it over the hump of the first few days of quitting. I never ate bread or refined carbs inthe first place, but cutting out milk and some of those other sources is definately an adjustment. I know if I can make it to about day 5 it will get easier, but geeze, this part isn't fun. haha

    Thanks again for helping me with all the planning and stuff... the 6 pack will be here in no time if i can keep myself on track!