Friday, April 24, 2009


(Wybonator in the Infidel shirt, hitting it Hard in the field with hit Close Protection Team. They will deploy in the fall. Keep up the good work guys!)


Three rounds for time of:
Run 800 meters (860m)
50 Back Extensions (Sub'd PVC good-morning's)
50 Sit-ups (abmat)


I didn't feel like I was going to die today. Must be the fish oil? I'm motivated to get back into shape. Atleast before I go to Peru, I am not going to do anything to hinder that. I don't want Coach seeing me in this condition. 14 days till Peru...I wonder what a strict Paleo diet, boat loads of fish oil and lots of sleep will do? Will the magic formula have me PR in Fran at the Cert? We'll see.

Who knows where I can get some good beef jerky that doesn't have gluten or sugar in it?


  1. Beef Jerky,

    Might be able to do homemade? It would probably be better than any crap they sell in the packages at Costco with corn syrup and gluten in it.

  2. Make the jerky yourself. It is pretty easy. Cut the meat thin, choose you marinade, bake it low heat for awhile. Plus, you can use a cheaper cut of meat.

    The best way to get in shape in 14 days, I would say check out MaxFitUSA. He goes over how to taper a few weeks out. I do not think there is too much you can do, except make sure you are fresh. Do not kill yourself the next 2weeks, overtrain, underrecover, fly 6000km, go to elevation and expect PRs.

    But, enjoy Peru. I bet it will be awesome.

  3. The we built a pull up bar from two A frames and a bar. You could even kip on it and it didn't move. Nice to get some wods in when you in the field.


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