Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The 4 Horseman

(Owners of The 4 Horsemen gym. Stand up guys and excellent athletes. Anyone interested in hitting a workout with us or wants some personal training from myself just drop me a line.)

CFHQ WOD 090311

Complete AMRAP in 30 min of:
5 pullups
5 ring dips
15 situps (ab mat)

22 rounds (scaled the ring dips at 11 minutes in)

There is nothing like a WOD completely crushing me to make me want to tighten up my diet. Again, it felt like I was wearing a 20lb vest, I was simply crushed on the ring dips. I was capable of busting out all the pullups and situps unbroken. I should have scaled the dips from the start, but even with a slow start it was still a high intensity workout.

I finally got around to reading a bunch of Robb Wolf's stuff from Perforamce menu. I am going to implement intermitent fasting tomorrow and completely cut out grains and dairy. I will soon do a post on both topics and why I am doing so.

Ben, (pictures on the right), put a a stellar performance today with 27 rounds + 5 pullups + 1 ring dip Rx...maybe the rest of the horseman can post their rounds?

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