Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Front Squats

CFHQ - Front Squats 3-3-3-3-3
225x3 (PR)
Felt good today. I was good and deep for all of these. There is no point front squatting any less than as deep as you can go if you want to O lift.


  1. Good luck with the job interview and prospects. It is dangerous over there. Remember, even in Kurdistan, it is still gets hot.

    My max clean is 235. I think I had more, my mac C&J is 215. I am stuck there, I know I have more in me, just need to work on technique.

  2. I have never really pushed my clean. It came up in like Nov on CFHQ and I had a goal set of 235. I did it late at asleep and did not want to bail, so I hit 235 and stopped there.

    I am stuck with my jerk. I need to drive it up better and get myself under it. I have behind the neck jerked 245, but from the rack it is like 215. I have not really tried to push my clean, because of my weak jerk. I feel like what is the point of cleaning 250, if I can not jerk it. This is just how I feel. Per Dan John..."if you can FS it for 3, you can C&J it for 1", so my fault is technique.