Friday, March 27, 2009

Purse problem solved!

(Jeremy, I found a purse to match your gloves buddy. Did you see that CFJ video? I guess you were right, you can still keep those feminine hands and do CrossFit, atleast now you have that purse situation handled.)

4 x 800m runs for time
rest as needed between intervals.

Split / Time
1. 1:16 / 2:55
2. 1:28 / 3:08
3. 1:34 / 3:07
4. 1:34/ 3:07

I shot out of the gate on my first spit and hit a 400m Level IV. I have hit Level IV before (sub 2:50) but today way my first good dose of running in a while. Today wasn't as painful as I thought it would be...maybe I didn't go hard enough? Either way I look forward to getting back to where I was with my running.

On another note, I have a slight shoulder injury which has limited me from doing certain WODs until I see my chiropractor.


  1. hahahaha thanks for the purse my friend, but, a picture doesn't do me much good, i want the real thing!

    and just to level up the playing field a bit, i beat your total run time....and no, i didn't wear my gloves.

    i sandbagged the first two a little bit. but according to Pat Sherwood, you beat me!

    Nice work Sean, enjoy your rest day! Me and murphy are heading to toronto tomorrow to watch the OWA provincials if you want to come let me know. it's gonna be sickkkkkk!


  2. yeah man! it's really beautiful,

    thanks for the purse...