Monday, March 9, 2009

Vacation from Metcon is Over!

(No more GOMAD and big mac's, Paleo for now. When I get time to read the Robb Wolf articles from Performance menu I will be trying out some new things, more to come on this)

Today was my first time doing something other than lifting heavy weights in over 5 weeks. It was not a surprise that I was felt like I was wearing a 20lb vest.

CFHQ WOD 090309
Complete As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Handstand Push-ups
10 L Pull-ups
15 Steps Walking Lunge

6 rounds + 5 HSPU + 3 L Pull-ups

Not a stellar performance but in time I will start posting better numbers. I was prepared for this and I am willing to fight through the added pain. Everyone knows Cardio-respiratory pain is the worst!

GOMAD post coming soon!


  1. Sean,

    I am sure you will be back in no time. What is the new diet? Paleo? Zone? Paleo with zone portions?

    Robb Wolf 43 ways is good, but the bottom line for me do you respond to insulin? Next, if you are going pure paleo, it is okay to cut out some carb blocks (so you do not have to literally eat 14lbs of broccoli to get your 4 blocks of Carbs with some fat. I finally figured out that when you add 3blocks of fat for every 1 block of carb deleted, you are using 1.5gms of fat per block. So dropping a block of Carbs is 9gms/36cal, adding 3blocks of Fat is 4.5gms, 40.5cals.

    Other great articles are Good Hormones, Bad Hormones, by Leyland, CFJ Mar 2008 and Physics, Phsyiology adn Food, Kilgore, CFJ Jun 2007. Both are great at explaining a little more then "zone, just do it, or eat meats, vegtebles...etc".

    I am following your diet choice and am interested in seeing how it affects both you weight (fatloss) and performance. I definitely think for pure weight loss paleo is the best, but for performance, maybe you need some carbs...still on the fence, so blog your progress. Cheers,


  2. Sean,

    Let me tell are not wasting your time in Poly-Sci. I went to college like I was going to a trade school. I went to learn a trade that would get me a job. My trade required a graduate degree but all my schooling was very focused. It was the same as a trade school. Looking back, I wish I would have taken more history, political science, etc..liberal arts classes. In fact, I want my kids to go to college and just learn and develop a passion for something. Doing what you are passionate about is my definition of success.


    You should read the CFJ article Physcis, Physiology and Food. On one hand your co-worker is right. If you are only concerned about weight loss, eating 1000kcal of chocolate bars will probably result in the same or nearly the same weightloss as a solid paleo diet. That is the law of thermal dynamics. However, what is the quality of that weightloss? Most likely it will result in someone "skinny fat" and in a very poor state of health who is very weak. However, eating quality foods results in the loss of fat, leaning out and actually getting into better shape. The quantity of our calories determines the quantatity of our bodies, the quality of our diets determines the quality of our bodies...strong, fit, healthy.

    My $0.02 on fish oil, vitamins, etc is those are supplements meant to supplement a solid diet. If a diet is not solid, it needs to be corrected first, them supplement. Many people will say fish oil helps fatloss. Well, I know for sure, it will help no where near what a good diet will.