Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Active Rest/Technique

I warmed up for the WOD today which was 7 sets of 1, Split Jerk. My mind wanted to put heavy weight overhead today but my body just wasn't having it. Instead of going heavy I kept the weight light and just worked on technique.

The main page programming is excellent, I can see why people who do main page for a while turn into such fire breathers. It is intense and effective programming. Part of the main page is being prepared for anything to come up, that means being well rested, fed and mentally prepared. Today I was lacking in those areas but the added rest today was much needed.

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  1. I have mixed feelings about following the mainpage. First, in my mind, it is the most effective programming. It balances out specific areas of training very well. It has a very good balance between ME lifts, METCONS and single modalities. Also, it seems to build very well both from day to day and 3 day cycle to 3 day cycle. While it is constantly varied, after studying it for 2 years, it is not random.

    However, I want to see more people (think CF games competitors) move away from it and follow other CF programming. This will cause CF programming to evolve. Should there be more ME lifts? Should there be more KB work? Should there be more gymnastic specific WODs? As long as all the top people are following the mainpage, we will not know. But, 2 of the top 5 did not follow it. Jeff T and Josh E do not follow it.

    Finally, while I think it is great (again, I am not bashing it at all), I think once you are unable to do 3on, 1off, it loses a lot of effectiveness. One will start to cherry pick and at that point, I think it would be better to just 1. follow old mainpage WOD from the archives in a schedule you can follow. 2. Follow other CF programming.

    Tony B and Greg G have gone on and on that CF is not the dot com WOD. The dot com WOD is but one example of constantly varied functional movement, executed at high intensity. A lot of people want to be CF trainers, well a good trainer/coach should be able to write effective programing for their athletes. Isn't that the point of the affiliate challenge?

    Just my thoughts.