Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Fasted Workout

(I like this shirt!)


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters (Ran 430m)
Max rep Pull-ups

Post number of pull-ups completed for each round

24-12-11-10-9-10 + 390m Run

I did this workout at the end of my intermittent fast. I don't know if it was the fasting or just my poor conditioning but things when south pretty fast and I performed poorly. I rested for for three days to heal up my shoulder but it still hurts when I so push-ups and ring dips do I will see my chiropractor tomorrow.

I think it's time I get more serious about training. I am going to incorporate some CrossFit Endurance WOD's periodically and some workouts from "A Day in the Life: Preparing for SOF Conditioning" from the June 2008 CrossFit Journal. Both of these emphasize extra mono structural workouts and the Pre SOF, lots of push-ups, pull-ups and core work. I have done the Pre SOF before and saw good results, I am going to slowly ease into this with only 1 - 2 extra workouts a week. Pending my shoulder, I will continue main page workouts.

This will all be a waste of time if I don't talk about my diet. Lately, I have done a good job of eating Paleo and cutting out: grains, dairy, beans, peanuts and sugar. Other than a few sporadic cheats, the only thing that has really been haunting me is beer. Although I haven't been consuming a lot, I know I have seen my best results when I have cut it out completely. Since I am not ready to go back to strict zone, maybe severely cutting back on the delicious beer will help. Wish me luck with this one.

My Chicago trip coming up in a few weeks is obviously going to involve some cheating but I think listening to Robb Wolf for a day is going to make me want to tighten things up even more. I am really looking forward to this trip!

Remember folks, its not a diet, it's a lifestyle!

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  1. Sean,

    It is maxfitusa.com. Max Mormont site. I think he his the head trainer for CF Balboa and Dutch Lowry says "he would trust Max to program for him". He has 3 daily WODs, CF WOD (for all around fitness), Olifts, and a CF Games WOD for the high level CFer. At this point, I would do this WOD, if I had the time.

    After looking at CF for almost 2 years, it seems for me the best prescription is a mix of heavy days and metcon (short and shorter, intense, etc). Longer chipper/Hero/Pain Storms are great in a run a marathon kinda way. You get a sense of accomplishment at the end, but probably not necessary to do them more then once or twice a month to achieve elite fitness.

    What's up with the SOF focus? JTF2? I worked with those guys some, good guys, but I liked the Auzzie SF better. (note, delete this post if the mention of those guys is a violation of Canadian Law).