Friday, March 6, 2009

The Results Are In

Program A
Back Squat-------Press------Dead
Work set
This was my last Starting Strength workout. After 6 weeks here are my improvements:

Back Squat - 40 lbs - but increased depth and better technique
Bench Press - 17 lbs - Still needs lots of work
Deadlift - 15 lbs - lots left, had to level off because of lack of weight
Press - 11 lbs - Needs LOTS of work still, my press is very weak and I'm not sure why.
Power Clean - 40 lbs - lots left here too, I am curious how far I can take this

What I have learned:
a) Start light and work up slowly - I should have started all my lifts at a significantly lower weight. I think part of the reason I stalled out so fast on my press and bench press is because I didn't start light.
b) Solid technique - I learned a lot about squatting and my back squat improved 100 percent. But I think if I would have worked more on my flexibility in the beginning with a lighter weight I would have made better gains because I would not have had to go backwards.
c) It is easier not to get stuck than to get unstuck - again hammering the point home that I should have checked my ego a bit more at the beginning and started lighter.
d) Full Range of Motion - I am so happy with my squat depth, not only am I stronger but my technique is better because I learned how to get right into that hole.

I did not hit my goals set out in a previous post but the time has come to move on. The guys at The 4 Horsemen are officially launching their gym soon and we are going to start Main Page workouts as best we can. Main page is by far the best programing and I am confident by following the main page I will not lose much strength because of the emphasis they put on heavy lifts. I am excited about getting back into the Metcons and dropping back down to my normal weight. I am also excited about getting the chance to train some new people. Anyone interested in stopping by for a workout just drop me a line.

Sometime this weekend I will do a post on my GOMAD experience.

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